Spain Kayak Fishing History (part 2)

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In this second part we will talk about the kayak fishing events nowadays are being organized in Spain.

A Fishing Federation which is subordinated to thes we ended in part one, Spain has a Sport Fédération Internationale de Pêche Sportive – Mer integrated by 42 National Fishing Federations around the world. If you would like to know more about this entity you can read about its statutes and rules, to be honest we have never ever read them.

Back again with the events there is a competition circuit organized in Spain that follow the structure you can see in the picture. That means that if for example you live in the C.D. Vivo Kayak home town (Almería), your first step in the season will be the province championship. Next step will be the regional championship, where people from all Andalucia take part. Next step will be the national championship where anglers from all Spain regions take part.
The last step should be the world championship but it has never been organized. It might be due to the lack of competitive licenses or the differences about kayak fishing laws and rules between countries. Anyway we hope sooner than later the 1st kayak fishing world champion became a reality.
Rules in this kind of competitive events consist in a species list with a minimum size and the one who weight the most wins.

What’s more Kayak Fishing Clubs all around Spain organize kayak fishing events that can be separated into 3 different kinds of event:

  • Competition for anglers with competitive license: To take part on this event you must have both the administrative and competition license. Rules use to be the same, a list of minimum size for species and the highest weight wins. We have to say that in most of this events minimum size is increased 5cm. and the limit of captures for each specie is limited to between 3 or 5 sometimes. Ex. III Open de Pesca en Kayak Almería Activa.

  • Competition for anglers all anglers: Same as the previous one but with no need of a competition license. Ex. Open de pesca en kayak Isla Cristina.

  • Non competitive events: The difference between this and the other events is that there is no weigh and the prices gifts are raffled between all assistants. This events has also a charity founding goal behind. Ex. Marea Solidaria Portman.

All of them use to have an entry fee between 15€ and 30€, usually there are big prices such as kayaks, reels, rods, fishing gear and the end of the event is a great lunch for all the audience.

There is an endless discussion between anglers about which kind of event is best. But in C.D. Vivo Kayak we use to say… why we shouldn’t take them all?? Just enjoy kayak fishing.

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